Autoclaves para esterilización Autester “ST DRY PV 18

Autoclave for sterilization “Autester ST DRY PV” 18 Class B

Capacity: 18 litres.
Temperature and cycle control by microprocessor.
Automatic fractionated vacuum drying and purging system.
With programs at 121 °c and 134 °c (1 and 2 bar).
Horizontal desktop model.


Digital electronic control.

Stainless steel internal chamber.

Staged vacuum purge.

Dry by vacuum

Incorporated steam generator.

Water reservoir to supply the chamber

High vapour penetration of porous material

Used in digestive studies, ophthalmology, operating theatres etc.

Automatic or manual filling of the water tank.

Printer interface.

USB connection for parameters memorization (software included).


Mechanism door lock, prevents the door being opened accidentally.

Safety valve. Prevents over pressure over the maximum working limit.

Safety thermostat. Disconnect power to the heaters if over temperature or low water in the reservoir are produced.

Thermally insulated lid.

Dirty water tank full alarm.

Control Panel

1. LCD screen.

2. Push button increase parameters.

3. Push button decrease parameters.

4. Push button menu.

5. Push button Start-Stop.

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