Horno de Mufla eléctrico “N-80 L”

Electric muffle furnace “N-80 L” 1100 to 1300 °C

Temperature adjustable up to 1300 °c for model “n-30 l”, 1200 °c for model ”n-40 l” and 1100 °c for model n-80 l. Electronic digital temperature control.
Precision ±2 °c of the set value.
Resolution: 1 digit.


Metal external case with vent at the back of the unit. Interior and door made from ceramic fibre, resistant and durable (No asbestos). Heater situated at the side and bottom of the chamber. 


Illuminated mains On/Off switch.
Temperature control with digital display of both the set and actual temperature.
Programmable in steps of 1 °C.
Fitted with a type K probe.