Lavador de microplacas 2600-c

Microplate reader 2100-C

Completely automatic. Easy to use. 50 wash programs.


Clinical laboratories.
Blood banks.
Quality control food laboratories. 


Wash head of 8 x 1. (12 x 1 optional).
Plate wash by 12 x 8 strips or 8 wells/strip. Plate clean for flat, round and V bottom plates. Automatic wash and rinse processes.
2 litre, wash solution.
2 litre, waste, with liquid level sensor.
Memory for up to 50 wash programs.
Software controll of head’s depth adjust and horitzontal position.
Wash cycle times from 1 sec. to 2 hrs.
Wash dosing range: from 50 to 2000ul.
Dosing resolution: 5% CV (based on 350ul of distilled water).
Residual volume (after aspiration):
< 1 μl (Cells, bottom U and V well plates.).
< 5 μl (Cells, bottom of flat well plate.) 


LCD graphic display of 90 x 50mm.
Membrane key pad of 9 keys.
Emergency stop button. 
CódigoHeight (exterior) cmWidth (exterior) cmDepth (exterior) cmVoltageWeight Kg
5110000 14 45 33 AC 110-250V/50-60Hz 12