Molino triturador multifuncional “TR-20”

Multifunctional grinding mill “TR-20”

For crashing and shearing (industrial design)


For a wide range of products grinding, solid, fragile, soft and semi-hard ones. For the use in pharmaceutical, chemistry and alimentary industry in general. 


Made of stainless steel AISI 304.
Device for different kind of easily changeable sieves. From 0,12 mm Ø to 0,80 mm Ø.
It is supplied with a sieve of 0,18 mm Ø.
Only suitable for grinding samples with relative humidity below 20%. 
CódigoCapacity Kg / hDbRPMHeight cmWidth cmDepth cmVoltage VPower KwWeight Kg
5810000 10 to 30 85 4200 70 40 80 380V. 50Hz phase 2,2 85