Termociclador para ciclos térmicos “B960”

Thermocycler for thermal cycles “B960”

For four adapter modules for 0.2ml vials, 0.5ml vials and wells.
Adjustable temperatures from 0oc to 99 oc.

Advanced technology. Peltier effect.


It is used in molecular biology to amplify DNA via a method based in the polymerase chain reaction process. 


The equipment performs a certain quantity of thermal cycles depending on the me- thod used and repeat them many times for a while, and at the end, the initial DNA fragment Fiber have been replicated thousands times.
For a better process output, changes between temperature levels must be made with minimum time. With thermocycler K96, the cycle temperature can be reached in se- conds, even if beginning from remote positions of the last set point. These changes take place by keeping a perfect uniformity between different block points.
The system can also be programmed to produce a linear gradient of temperature widthways the block. This achieves that the highest level of productivity points of the process is optimized and located. 


The thermocycler is composed of an inner lid system with heater and with adjustable height in order to perfectly adapt to the samples size. This prevents condensations in the upper side of the samples.
The equipment is based on a heat bomb controlled by continuous electric current and composed by several thermo electrical modules of Peltier effect, a low thermal resistance radiator and a fan convention system.
As it is integrated in the same block, this system allows increasing the process output and also fast transferring and extracting the block’s temperature, going from the highest temperature level to the lowest in a minimum time.
The powerful control microprocessor allows monitoring the point where the process is at any moment, and showing it on the screen with real-time graphic images. There is a useful elaborated software for processes organization, accessible by means of the keyboard and a high resolution LCD screen.


Each block incorporates a connector that identifies it and allows the thermocycler to recognize it. There’s also an extractor handle which makes easy the block support use. 


Temperature range: 0ºC to 99ºC.
Durability: 99min. 99sec.
Warming-up speed: 4ºC/sec.
Cooling down speed: 4ºC/sec.
Uniformity: At 95ºC ±0.4ºC.
From 20ºC to 75aC ±0.2ºC.
Precision: ±0.2ºC.
Programmed gradient: From 2ºC to 30ºC according to the program.
Temperature range gradient: 30-99ºC.
Heaterlid: From 70 to 115ºC according to the program. 
Max. cycles number: 299.
Stored programs: Up to 1000.
Graphic display of 14.5cm, 320x240 pixels.
USB 2.0, LAN and RS232 output. 


START switch.
Interactive graphic display.
Numeric and functions keyboard.
Height levelling control of the inner lid. 
CódigoHeight (exterior) cmWidth (exterior) cmDepth (exterior) cmPower supplyConsumption wWeight Kg
5109000 25 27 38 220V/50-60Hz 780 7,8