Laboratory equipment repair

Guarantee the proper running of your laboratory any time

We offer a tailored repair service to your laboratory equipments.

When an instrument is damaged in yourlaboratory, it can cause a huge upset in your work. Therefore, our commitment is to repair instruments quickly and effectively.

Our professionals are technically trained to carefully inspect and repair your equipment. This can be done in our own workshop or in your company.

Professionals at your service

When performing maintenance or repairs, we focus on specifications and requirements of the equipments and offer solutions tailored specifically to you. If necessary, our technicians could come to your company to work on site. We can carry out repairs on a wide range of laboratory equipments, even if you do not have a maintenance contract with us.

Profesional calibrando equipos

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Quickly and without complications

Laboratory equipment and instruments are essential tools for professionals who work in it.

Guarantee the proper running of your laboratory any time.

Have our technical service team check your laboratory equipment: from the medicine refrigerator and the climate chamber to the laboratory incubator.

A regular maintenance increases the service life of your measuring device and, at the same time, meets the increasingly stricter quality assurance requirements.