Accurate detection and surveillance of some infectious diseases involves studying bacteria by growing it in devices that maintain optimal temperature, humidity levels, and other atmospheric conditions. High unit costs, frequent power outages, lack of adequate temperature monitoring and ambient temperature control, and high maintenance requirements associated with currently available microbiological culture incubators have severely limited their usage and effectiveness in low-resource laboratories.

The “INCUDIGIT-SV 30” (Part number 2000100) can operate without a reliable power supply or climate control capabilities. Its internal sample chamber compartment capacity is 31 liters to support the needs of a mid-sized microbiology laboratory. It has removal, adjustable shelves; an optional temperature data logging system; a user-adjustable temperature set point of 35°C,  36°C or 37ºC and an LCD temperature display.

In following link, you will find a video clip that shows this innovative incubator.

Due to the special characteristics of this equipment, the possible interested parties are in any laboratory that have difficulties to carry out microbiological culture due to power outages or do not have a reliable electrical installation, Ministries of Health to include it in their programs, NGOs, etc.

We hope this new incubator is of your interest and if you have any questions, please contact us.