Bomba de vacío por recirculación de agua 10L.

Re-circulating water vacuum pump 10L

For vapor and gases aspiration.


Made from a centrifugal pump that pulses water at a high velocity through suction aspirators, creating a pump rate of 10 litres/min from each pump connection. The vacuum achieved, 5 to 40mbar is dependent on the water temperature in the reservoir. Aspirated gasses from both inputs mix in the 10 litre reservoir.

Although the interior of the pump is made from stainless steel and polypropylene it is a requirement to change the water in the pump to limit any attack of any chemicals or vapours absorbed in the water. For better protection of equipment it is recommended to connect a “Scrubber” to wash and neutralise any corrosive gasses. The pump includes an exit valve that allows the water to be circulated externally. This can be used to empty and change the water in the reservoir to form an external re-circulation of water. 


Reduced water consumption.
2 independent connections, aspiration pump vacuum rate 10 litres/min.
Vacuum limit: 5 and 40 mbar (dependent on water temperature).
Capacity: 10 litres.
Low noise level (<65dBA).
Valve connections for entrance and exit of vacuum and external water recirculation. 


2 vacuum connections.
2 analogue vacuum gauges.
Illuminated mains switch.
CódigoHeight (exterior) cmWidth (exterior) cmDepth (exterior) cmVacuum limit mbarCaudal litros/min. Consumption wWeight Kg
4001612 44 39 28betwen 5 and 40 10 280 10