Desecador termostático al vacío “Vacuo-Temp”

Heated vacuum desiccator “Vacuo-Temp”

With temperature thermic limiter.
Time and temperature digital electronic control. Adjustable temperature from ambient +5 °c to 170 °c. Stability: ±2 °c. Resolution: 1 °c.
Time from 1’ to 999’, or continuous.


AISI 304 stainless steel outer casing.
Polished aluminium alloy flat surface plate with an effective vacuum seal.
Tempered glass bell jar with silicon gasket seal.
Shielded heating element.
Pt 100 temperature probe.
Vacuum pump connection at the back of the unit. Vacuum bleed valve. 


Main switch.
Analogue vacuum gauge.
Digital time & temperature display.
Overheating alarm.
Visualized parameter indicator.
Push button for the visualized parameter.
Push button to increase the parameter.
Push button to decrease the parameter.
Button On-Off.