Destilador kjeldahl “pro-nitro m” semi-automático

Steam distillation unit Kjeldahl Semi-Automatic “Pro-Nitro S”

Determination of organic nitrogen (kjeldahl method).
Automatic boracic and naoh dosage, sample drainage and temporized stop.

Semi-automatic steam distillation Kjeldahl unit. Simple secure systematic analysis suitable for medium to large throughput of samples. 


Steam distillation system. Compact steam generator with safety over temperature thermostat and over pressure device. Safety door, the system will not operate if the door is open.
“Tube in place” sensor: if the tube is not located, the dosing process of NaOH will not take place.
Universal adapter for digestion/distillation tubes MACRO (Ø 42mm) and MICRO (Ø 26 mm).
Small footprint, saves bench top space: The H2O, NaOH and H3BO3 reservoirs are placed within the unit.
Empty Digestion/Distillation tube system.
Stainless steel case with reinforced ABS plastic front.
Green LED 2 digit display.
Distillation program: (Add NaOH, Add Boric Acid, Distillation time, Empty tube.)
Automatic distillate titration kit. (See accessories). 


Measuring range: from 0.1 to 200 mg Nitrogen.
Programmable distillation time.
Nitrogen recovery >99.5%
Distillation speed : from 35-40ml/minute
Typical distillation time: from 7-10 minutes.
Water consumption rate: from 80-100 litres/Hr.
Steam generator water consumption: 2.5 Litres/ Hr.
Water reservoir for steam generator: 6 litres
NaOH reservoir: 2 Litres.
Boric Acid reservoir: 2 Litres 


Low water level for the steam generator.
Safety door open or no distillation/digestion tube in place.
Steam generator over temperature. 


Single push button to start the distillation cycle:
- Boric acid dosing
- Start distillation.
- NaOH dosing
- Stop Distillation (Programmed time transpired.)
- Acoustic indicator at the end of the cycle. 


To complete Kjeldahl Nitrogen analysis a digestion block is also required. 
CódigoHeight cmWidth cmDepth cmConsumption wWeight Kg
4002627 75 50 50 1800 30
4002851 75 5050 1800 32
4002430 75 50 50 1800 38
Supplied complete with a MACRO Ø 42 mm tube, set of connection tubes, set of reservoirs. 


1. Illuminated indicator. Steam generator
2. Low water in the steam generator
3. Door open or no tube present indicator.
4. Over temperature indicator.
5. Push button and display to select parameters.
6. Mode push button, Manual
7. Push button, dose Boric Acid/Push button START in automatic mode.
8. Dose NaOH push button.
9. Push button, start the distillation in manual mode.
10.Push Button, empty sample tube.