Digital ABBE refractometer “WYA-2S”

Optimum precision


Ideal for measuring the refractive index of liquids, solids and sugar concentrations (° Brix), industry: chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, universities and research etc. 


Apparatus equipped with an optical system made of a telescope with dispersion correction, used to define the division line between dark and bright areas.
Precise optics with automatic temperature compensa- tion displayed as °Brix and sample temperature.
Stabilized temperature connection for a water bath. RS-232 output with software included. 
Measuring range:
Refraction index hD: 1.3000 - 1.7000
Brix Bx - TC: 0 - 95%
Brix Bx: 0 - 95%
Measurement scale definition:
Refraction index hD: ±0.0002.
Brix Bx - TC: ±0.1%
Brix Bx: ±0.1%
Working range: 0 - 50 °C.
Correction range of Bx, in respect to temperature: 15 - 45 °C. 


Technical description
1. Monocularsystem.
2. Telescopeadjustment.
3. Digitaldisplay.
4. Mainsswitch"POWER".
5. Pushbutton"READ".
6. PushbuttonforBrixwithtemperaturecorrection"Bx-TC".
7. Pushbuttonfortherefractiveindex"hD".
8. PushbuttonforBrixwithouttemperaturecorrection"Bx".
9. Opticalcontrol.
10. Light intensity unit.
11. Refractometer prism.
12. Push button for temperature indicating. "TEMP". 
CódigoHeight (exterior) cmWidth (exterior) cmDepth (exterior) cmPower supplyWeight Kg
5901007 38 18 33 220V ±20V 50/60Hz. 10