Sealer “455”



Ideal for large size samples.
Sealer for any type of thermo-plastic material up to 0.8 mm thickness.
Easy to use by pressing a foot pedal which enables to have the hands free in order to manipulate the bag. Includes a platform of 45 cm wide x 12 cm depth to support the sample. This platform is adjustable in height up to 19.5 mm to adapt different volumes. Energy saving system by a micro-switch, activated only when the sealing arm is in place.
Heat impulse for only 0.2 to 2.2 seconds.
Time controll according to the thickness of plastics to be seal.
A LED and audible beep are activated when the seal is complete.
Replaceable PTFE anti stick coated heaters.
The pressure of the pedal can be adjusted.
Includes a recoil mains cable at the back of the unit. All metal robust construction.
Adjustable base level. 
CódigoSeal Width mmMaximum seal length mmMaximum plastic thickness mmTiempo de sellado seg.Height (exterior) cmWidth (exterior) cmDepth (exterior) cmConsumption wWeight Kg
5800047 5 450 0,8of 0,2 to 2,2 90 54 38 1000 29
Supplied complete with 2 heaters and a fuse.