Rotary Viscometer “NDJ-1”

The instrument operates by rotating a disk or cylinder, (spindle), that is submerged in the liquid or fluid to be analysed. A pre-selected speed is set, the unit measures the absolute resistance from viscosity of the fluid being analysed. Suitable for samples such as: foods, cosmetics, fats and oils, pharmaceutical products, paints and plastics, etc.


The asynchronous motor is connected to a graduated disk with 4 different speeds that propel the spindle via a spiral and die.
Supplied complete with a set of 4 spindles in a box, numbered 1 to 4 with spindle stand.
The viscometer includes a level and adjustable screw feet support base and protective case. 
CódigoMeasuring rangeToleranceVelocidad husillo r.p.m. del 1 al 4Consumption wWeight Kg
5120230 10-100.000 mPaS ±5% Liquid Newtons 6-12-30-60 15 6