Bidestilador de agua “L-4B”

Water double distillation “L-4B”

Distillation capacity: 4 litres/hour.


Made completely from borosilicate glass with protective case that has easy access to
the heater elements and glass parts.
Automatic function and continuous production.
Produces high quality double distilled water free from pyrogen and metallic ions.

It functions through a dual distillation process:
The distilled water from the first stage is collected by the heater reservoir of the second stage, that starts the double distiller function when when the water’s level is op-
timum, thus providing double distilled process.
Protection with a safety thermostat is activated if there is insufficient cooling water.
Reactivated automatically when the water supply is re-established.
Water flow stop if there is an electrical fault.
If it is required to store the distilled water and to prevent over filling, the system
stops, switches off power and disconnects the water flow when is full.
Voltage: 230 V / I, 50/60 Hz = 26.8 A 

CódigoDistillation capacity l/hWater consumption l/minConductivity at 20 °CHeight cmWidth cmDepth cmConsumption wWeight Kg
4903010 42 0,5 µS/cm 486940 2x3000 22