Food Industry Autoclaves

What is an autoclave used for?

At J.P SELECTA we will clarify what food industry autoclaves are and what they are used for. An autoclave is a hermetic, cylindrical, vertical or horizontal metal container, prepared to work with internal pressure. The pressure is necessary to be able to work at more than 100ºC using water vapor as a heating medium.

What to sterilize in an autoclave?

J.P Selecta food industry autoclaves are perfect for carrying out sterilization and pasteurization processes of any type of packaged food product and obtaining preserves and semi-preserves with full quality guarantee. Ideal for food, container preserves, artisan preserves. Suitable for: glass jars, trays, bottles, envelopes, pouches, plastic containers or cans.

Autoclaves for the Food Industry

food industry autoclaves

Safety is essential in the laboratory autoclave, we explain the essential safety features:

Safety Valve: Prevents the pressure from exceeding the maximum limit

Safety Pressure Switch: Disconnects the heaters in case of exceeding the pressure limit

Safety Thermostat: Disconnects the heating in case of overtemperature or lack of water in the tank.

Cover Device: Prevents the opening of the cover while the chamber is under pressure.

J.P Selecta presenta la mejor opción en autoclaves para esterilización, gracias a su diseño y fabricación, permite realizar el proceso de esterilización con alta presión.

Con la Autoclave conseguirás:



The autoclave for the food industry

Its main features are:

  • Exterior furniture and countertop in stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel heating element. special Incoloy with a long life, resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.
  • Process log and download via USB.
  • Side external probe port.
  • Stainless steel tank, lid and closure.
  • Automatic atmospheric purging.
  • 10 user configurable programs.
  • Temperatures from 115 °C to 134 °C
  • Compatible for any food and container

All J.P SELECTA autoclaves have their certificates