Autoclaves for Canning

Specialists in the Manufacture of Autoclaves for Canning

The autoclaves for canning by J.P Selecta are perfect for carrying out sterilization and pasteurization processes for any type of packaged food product and obtaining preserves and semi-preserves with full quality guarantee. The autoclave is also ideal for the food industry, used for the sterilization of preserves and canned foods whose characteristics require treatment above 100 degrees Celsius. At J.P SELECTA we have all sizes of autoclaves to suit your needs.

Ideal for food, container preserves, artisan preserves. Suitable for: glass jars, bottles, envelopes, pouches, plastic containers or cans.

They are ideal for small and medium products as well as R&D departments. Comprehensive control software for heat treatments, calculation of Fo and Po values.

autoclaves for canning

By means of a temperature probe in one of the containers, the sterilization and pasteurization process can be controlled with full guarantee.

Thanks to the touch screen: the temperature, time and pressure parameters can be programmed and adjusted before and during the heat treatment to obtain the desired sterilization (Fo) or pasteurization (Po) value and with it a product with full sanitary guarantee.

  • Rapid cooling: a rapid decrease in temperature helps the food to preserve its organoleptic properties with the autoclave for canning
  • Easy to use: the canning autoclave does not require an expert person to use it.
  • Simple and intuitive TFT touch screen makes it easy for the user to use
  • Safety: safety thermostat, door correctly closed detection, overpressure protection, safety pressure switch and thermal protection envelope.
  • Loading and unloading crane: basket lift that simplifies the loading and unloading of containers in the autoclave.
  • Baskets: a wide variety of sizes depending on the capacity of the user’s containers, you can choose the size.

Autoclaves for canning Sterile Food

The 20 litre autoclaves are ideal for R&D laboratory tests or pilot batches.

The 80l and 150l canning autoclaves are ideal for small and medium productions and have a variety of applications.

Autoclave 80L and 150L


Autoclaves 20L


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The autoclaves for canning Sterile Food are designed for the pasteurization and sterilization of packaged foods using a temperature probe placed in a sample of product. This allows perfect control of the process, preserving the organoleptic properties and minimizing possible changes in the nutritional characteristics of the packaged product. J.P SELECTA canning autoclaves will have more precision, more control and more security. Find out about our autoclaves for the food industry

Characteristics of Autoclaves for Canning

  1. Arm/beam closing system.
  2. Electronic circuit for temperature and time control.
  3. Safety lock that only allows the lid to be opened at 0 bar pressure and a temperature below 95ºC (except the 20L model).
  4. Safety valve and maximum pressure limiting switch that disconnects
    the heating element in cases of overpressure, set at 2.5 bar.
  5. Limiting thermostat for heating resistance protection, set at 160ºC.

Control panel for canning autoclaves

  • USB connection
  • TFT color touch screen

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