More than 70 years of activity as a manufacturer of scientific and laboratory equipment

01Our Brand

Throughout more than 70 years as a manufacturer of scientific instruments and laboratory, J.P. SELECTA has managed to consolidate itself in the market, confirming the prestige achieved by our products and establishing itself in more than 100 countries.

Production of catalogs in different languages, as well as the participation in numerous recognized worldwide exhibitions such as Analytica, Achema, Medical, Pittcom, Expoquimia, Shanghai, Moscow, ArabLab, etc … are a clear example of our efforts projection towards new markets.

Constant research work throughout all this time has earned us Certification ISO 9001 for Design, Development, Production and Service in quality assurance, granted by TÜV NORD.

SELECTA GROUP is consolidated by three complementary businesses: JP SELECTA, our own brand, COMECTA, representations, and AQUISEL, manufacturer of disposable materials for single-use analysis. The group’s commercial organization is channeled through distributors.

“I never did anything worthwhile and I never came up with an invention by accident, it was always through work.” (Thomas A. Edison)

The Team

02Our Range of Scientific Instruments

Our products have a permanence guarantee: long life of our devices is accentuated by our interest in keeping them current despite many years of use. In SELECTA GROUP we have three types of products integrated in each of our Group areas, all pertaining to scientific instruments:

+ J.P. Selecta: The own laboratory equipment and devices factory, with our own brand.

+ Comecta: It includes Comecta itself and Ivymen as own brands and a long list of international first-line brands.

+ Aquisel: In vitro diagnostic medical devices factory. Single use only.

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Our facilities are located in Abrera, Barcelona, on an area of more than 20,000 m2, including control, process and environmental testing laboratories equipped with sophisticated serial production automation.

We have a Technical Department, in charge of drawing up plans, instructions, procedures, etc. to be followed by our products. All this is supervised by a Final Control, in which each of the manufactured units is verified 100%.

Sales and Customer Service Department is made up of a complete human team, in charge of databases and of handling each appropriate technical information to thus offer maximum efficiency in relations with our clients.

In Logistics Area there is a team with modern packaging techniques who prepares the duly verified material for shipment in different warehouses.

All our facilities and equipments have the best technology and ecological systems to produce our products with quality.

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