Agitador de varillas “SE-100”

Overhead stirrer “SE-100”

For blends, homogenizations, suspensions, solutions gasification and substances recirculation. Designed for conti- nuous work.
Brushless motors free of maintenance and sparks.
Partially sealed encapsulated cases against substances and agressive vapours.
Thermal protection for overheating with auto power off and led indicator.


Excellent blending results in an accurate and repeatable control.
Stirring by electronic control of speed, from 60 to 2000 rpm.
Specially designed for those samples in which its viscosity changes during the process. Max stirring volume: Up to 40 L (in H2O)
Max stirring viscosity: Up to 1.000.000 mPas.
Speed digital reading and pre-selection (rpm).
Adaptable spindle to stirring rods up to 9.5 mmØ.