Agitador para frascos “AG-200-A”

Shaker for bottles “AG-200-A”

Electronic digital control of speed and run-time.


External ABS case with adapter platform for the different models.
Innovative single button to select start, shaking speed, time and stop.
Digital display of time and shaking speed.
Maintenance free induction drive motor which produces a uniform movement according to the rotation speed program.
Acoustic notification at the end of the cycle. 
With non-slip rubber platform of 26cm width and 22cm depth, with 3 adjustable rub- ber retaining bars suitable for any kind of glasses: Erlenmeyer, flasks, bottles, etc.
Weight (Kg): 8


Main switch.
Single button selector for shaking speed and time.
Display indicating the shaking speed.
Display indicating the programmed time.
Measures: Alto 10 x Ancho 28 x fondo 26 


Rotation frequency: 50-250 r.p.m.
Timer from 1 min to 99h 59 min
Rotation amplitude: 20mm Power: 50 W.
Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Load capacity: till 2,5Kg
Measures cm: Height 10 x Width 28 x Depth 26