Agitador orbital y de vaivén “Rotabit”

Orbital and horizontal shaker “Rotabit”

Electronic digital control of speed and run time.


1. Digital display showing oscillations and time.
2. Displayed parameter.
3. Push button, select parameter function, speed or time.
4. Push button increase parameter value.
5. Push button reduce parameter value.
6. Push button Start- Stop. 
2 in 1 system, versatile orbital and horizontal shaker


Speed control from 20 to 230 oscillations per minute with timer from 1 to 999 minutes or continuous operation.
Shaking amplitude of: 15 and 20 mm.
Choice of orbital movement or a horizontal “To and Fro” motion.
Load capacity: till 30 Kg
Easy to interchange platforms, see accessories for plat- form selection.
Epoxy covered outer casing.