Descaler “C-3”


Pre-treated water that contains large quantities of CaCO3 (lime). For general laboratory use. Recommended for use with distillation units where water hardness is above 25° french. 


Metal container of AISI 304 stainless steel with regeneration of salt by using a two way reverse valve system. Resin capacity: 12 litres. Regeneration salt: 2 Kg. Regeneration cycle: 1200 litres to 60° french / 4800 litres to 35° french.
Regeneration cycle for distillation of: 300 to 800 litres.
Maximum mains water pressure: 4.5 Kg/cm2.
Maximum supplied admissible hardness: 60° french.
Out put hardness: 1° french.
External measurement: 62 cm high x 19 cm Ø.
Weight: 20 Kg.
Comes complete with in and out 3/4” tubing.