Microscope Binocular “701 LED”


Binocular head with 45° tilt and full 360° rotation.
Interpupillary distance: 52 to 72 mm.
Dioptric adjustment of ±5 dp in both eyepieces, sharpness compensation for visual differences.
Pair of eyepieces DIN standard WF10x (18 mm Ø) and WF16x(11mm Ø).
Objectives DIN standard, achromatic, brightfield of 4x (A.N. 0.10), 10x (A.N. 0.25), 40x (A.N. 0.65) retractable and 100x (A.N. 1.25) immersion oil and retractable. Colour coded objectives for easy identification.
Total magnification: 1600x.
Four position objectives turret rotating in both direc- tions with stop locator when it is in the correct position. Large sub stage 135x145 mm, variable height with a rack and pinion mechanism with bilateral coaxial control.
Micrometer adjustable stage graduated to 0.002 mm and macrometer adjustment tension, Movement up to 30 mm.
Safety stop with pre-set adjustable safety level.
Adjustable slide holder, with 0.1 mm scale with a smooth X-Y 40 mm longitudinal and 80 mm traversal movement.
Condenser Abbe of 1.25 A.N. with diaphragm iris and exchangeable filters. Rack and pinion height, adjustable.
Illumination transmitted (diascopic), with remova- ble condenser lens and pre-centred lamp LED 3W, with variable intensity control. Suitable for use with an external light source using a plan or concave reflector mirror.
Robust construction that incorporates the illumina- tion source and mains switch in the base.
Size: height 370 x width 200 x depth 225 mm.
Weight 6 Kg.
Supplied complete with blue set filters, matt glass filter, fuse, oil, dust cover.
Power supply: 110/220 V-50/60Hz.