Destilador enológico

Oenological Distillation unit “DE-1626”

Apparatus to obtain the distillation of alcohol from alcoholic beverages in accordance with cee no. 2676/90 ( wine analysis) and cee no. 2870/2000 ( analysis of spirits.)


Degree of alcohol in wines, Degree of alcohol in spirits, Volatile acids and Sorbic acid. 


Vapour distillation.
Designed especially to obtain the distillation of wines and spirits to determine the alcohol grade by volume, volatile acid, ascorbic acid and other components.
Distillation volume up to 400 ml.
Auto stop at the end of the distillation.
Simple operation with minimum service.
Vapour generator protection system.
- Tube Ø 42 mm for volatile acid samples.
- Tube Ø 52 mm for volatile acid samples and 100 ml proof alcohol.
- Tube Ø 80 mm for samples of 200 ml for proof alcohol.
- 200 ml Matrix flask to collect distillate. 


Validated to the criteria of CEE No. 2676/90 and CEE No. 2870/2000 Distillation speed: 30-40 ml/min (Recover of 200 ml of distillate in 5/6 minutes).
Condenser coolant water rate: 80-100 l/hr.
Generator water consumption: 1 and 1.25 ml for each ml of distillate.
Vapour generator power: 2400 W. 


Control Panel.
Electronic controller.
Mains switch.
START Push button.
STOP Push button.
ADD Push button.
By the use of the ADD button allows the distillate to set burette level, then, there is no need to fill up with water to a level of 200 ml. 


The oenological DE-1626 has been validated by the oenological laboratory INCAVI in Vilafranca del Penedés. This laboratory has completed analysis from the distillation unit DE-1626 for the determination of alcohol proof by vo- lumetric analysis, following the criteria of CEE No 2676/90 and CEE 2870/2000. They have analysed samples of hydrated alcohol, different wines and spirits with a high alcohol content. The unit was successfully appraised by the laboratory. 
CódigoHeight cmWidth cmDepth cmConsumption wWeight Kg
4001626 90 30 30 2400 20
Supplied with tubes and flasks Ø 42, 52 and 80 mm and a 200 ml matrix flask.