Destiladores “L-8 Cabinet”

Water distillers “L-8 Cabinet”



Equipment entirely made of borosilicate glass, with protective case with transparent plastic door that allows an easy access to the glass and heating elements.
The water distiller incorporates a boiler, a large surface cooling and two heating elements with protective quartz. Desktop model with device to hang it on the wall.
Continuous production of high purity distilled water free of dissolved gases, metals, salts and pyrogens. Easy to dismantle for a complete cleaning.
Automatic operation.
Totally automatic operation:
• The equipment disconnects when the distilled water tank is full.
• The equipment reconnects when emptied.
• Automatic operation of the distiller.
Double safety system: 1. By a thermostat that turns the heater off in case of lack of water supply. 2. Water level device that avoids the computer to function until the heating element is covered with water. 


Start up main switch.
Light indicators of heating, cleaning, of lack of water and tank full. 

Note on the outlet water:

Depending on the inlet water quality, it can be of type II or III (according to ASTM). All parameters have been tested under standard laboratory conditions. 
CódigoDistillation capacity l/hWater consumption l/minConductivity at 20 °CHeight (exterior) cmWidth (exterior) cmDepth (exterior) cmConsumption wWeight Kg
4903002 4 1 1,5 µS/cm 40 69 26 1x3000 12
4903016 821,5µS/cm 48 69 40 2x3000 22