Stereomicroscope model XTX-3C LED


By design and quality optics, these microscopes are recommended especially for long duration work. Ideally suited for biology, botany, archaeology, geology, teaching and electronics. 


Three dimensional optical resolution, wide field of view without side aberrations, excellent crisp contrast and true colour.
Rechargeable battery 3x1800Ah and external charger.
Binocular head inclined at 45° with adjustable interpupillary distance from 55 to 75 mm.
Rotating head of 360° with easy access for large items. Dioptric correction in the left eyepiece of ±5dp.
Ocular head held with secure fixing screws.
Rubber eyecups.
Pair of eyepieces, wide field of view WF 10x (23 mm Ø). In the model ZTX-3C. Pair of eyepieces, wide field of view WF 20x (20 mm Ø). In the model ZTX-20. Objectives of 2 x and 4 x, located in a double objectives support turret with rotation in both directions.
Double focus: by means of a vertical slip clutch of the head up and down a column, with fine adjustment using a bilateral macrometer with rack and pinion tension and control.
Solid base consisting of a platform with double contrast (black and white) circular plate and translucent etched light diffuser, with fixing screw and holding clips. 
System with double illumination of low voltage 12 V/10 W, with incident light (episcopic) in the head and transmitted (diascopic) in the circular platform.
CódigogoalsEyepiecesMagnificationØ Field of view mmWorking distance mmIlluminationWeight KgHeight mmWidth mmDepth mm
5313113 2x 4x WF-10x 20x 40x 10,0 5,0 57Transmitted or incident 2,8 270 117 190
5313090 2x 4x WF-20x 40x 80x 5 2,5 40Transmitted or incident independent or simultaneous 3,6 350 320 190