Microscopes “3000-C LED

Excellent resolution planachromatic optics. High specification optical microscopes. Maximum versatility with a wide range of configurations, models shown are binocular and trinocular with phase contrast, bright and dark field optics, this instrument is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Optics Anti mould / Anti fungal


Biology, bacteriology, cytology, immunology, diagnostics, pathology, agriculture, industry and university laboratories. 


Similar characteristics to the model 3000-A LED except for a special configuration of Plan Phase Contrast objectives:
The objectives, DIN quality, are planachromatic with positive phase contrast of 10x (A.N. 0.25), 20x (A.N. 0.40) 40x (A.N. 0.65) retractable and 100x (A.N. 1.25) retractable and oil immersion.
The condenser is a phase turret A.N. 1.25, with central telescope and a set of white, blue and green filters. With sharp detail for examination of transparent thin sections that can differentiate the refraction index that the human eye cannot differentiate.
Excellent for applications in biology, medicine, crystallography, agricul- ture, industrial plastics and rubber etc. 
CódigoHeadEyepiecesgoalsTechniqueIlluminationWeight Kg
5901981 BINOCULAR WF 10x (20Ø)Planachromatic (PL) 4x - 10x - 40x - 100xBrightfield TRANSMITED 3W 8,4
5901982 TRIOCULAR WF 10x (20Ø) Planachromatic (PL) 4x - 10x - 40x - 100xBrightfield TRANSMITED 3W 8.7
5901983 BINOCULAR WF 10x (20Ø) Planachromatic (PL) phase contrast 4x-25x-40x-100xPhase contrast LED 8,4