Reactor para planta piloto “RE-620”

Reactor for pilot plant “RE-620”

Capacidad: 20 litros.
Para presión atmosférica o vacío.


This equipment is designed for reflux and distillation operations with a stirring element, for all laboratory’s pilot plant operations and small productions. 


Reactor module built-in, base made of glazed steel in epoxy and tubular structure in stainless steel AISI 304, equipped with an engine group stirring and a reaction jacke- ted borosilicate glass 3.3 with graduation to temper, for a volume of 4-20 liters in “RE-620” model and 1-5 liters in “RE-605” model.
Stirring anchor blade and elements in contact with the liquid or reaction steam, composed of borosilicate glass and PTFE.
Addition and reflux models.
- Configurations for distillation can be supplied.
- Amber glass finish.
- Voltage 110V / 60 Hz. 


Main switch ON / OFF.
Regulator knob for stirring speed from 0 to 500 rpm.
Temperature and RPM digital indicator.
CódigoHeight cmWidth cmDepth cmReactor capacityOperating temperatureConsumption wWeight Kg
1001710 130 70 35 5 -50ºC to 200ºC 90 10
1001711 180 62 50 20 -50ºC to 200ºC 250 68


pH analyser temperature from -10oC up to 140oC.
3.5" color touch screen. 8 digital inputs, 2 configurable analog and 6 relay outputs for signaling and control. Communications: 485 for ARC sensor network. IP-65 box. RS-232 output for connection to a computer. Possibility of performing PID control loops. GSM, RED, TCP / IP modem connections, Probes: O2 , CON, VCD and Redox.
Part number 4120824 (For measurement and reading only).
Part number 4120823 (For measurement, reading and control). HT glass sensor pH 0-14 + Ta -10 at 100 oC. Part number 4120801 ARC HT sensor pH 0-14 + Ta -10 at 140 oC. Part number 4120822 Glass sensor adapter for R-605. Part number 4120802
Glass sensor adapter for R-620. Part number 4120803
Digital thermometer “TC-9226-A”
Temperature range: -200 oC. to 1370 oC. Part No. 5903030
See page. 294
PTFE expansion/contraction bellows for coupling bet- ween mouth and coolant Part No. 1002932
Stirring rod in the shape of a helix, Ø 9.5 mm in PTFE. and shovel in PTFE (length 65 x width shovel 7 cm). Part No. 1001789 

Silicone oil 4 liters. Temperature up to 300ºC. Viscosity 50 mm2/s at 25ºC. Melting point 318 ° C. Part No. 1000027
Peristaltic dosing pump “Peristaltic PR-2003.”
For PH stabilisation (acid-base). Also applicable to dosages in process. Features: See page. 47. Part No. 4129050
Recirculation cryothermostat “CC-505”.
For adjustable temperatures from -50ºC. to 200ºC. Part No. 5910062
High power recirculation thermostat “Interheater”
For adjustable temperatures from ambient +5 oC. up to 90ºC. Part No. 6001491 See page. 105.
Water refrigerador and recirculator “Unichiller 015” For temperatures from -20°C to +40ºC.
Part No. 5910049