Laboratory Ovens

Drying and Sterilization Ovens

What is a laboratory oven?

Laboratory and sterilization ovens are equipment used to dry and sterilize different glass or metal containers. At J.P SELECTA we have two types of stoves: those with natural convection and those with forced convection.

For the mode of use or employment of a drying oven it will be necessary to put the containers inside the oven. For good sterilization, in general, a temperature between 160°C and 180°C is required with two hours of exposure.

Whether for material testing, drying or regulating electronic components, hardening synthetic resins, printed circuit boards, granules and powders, the drying oven performs a temperature regulation process with unparalleled levels of precision, uniformity and delicacy. Wide range of laboratory ovens at J.P SELECTA.

Laboratory Oven Models

Drying and sterilization ovens “CONTERM”

Drying Ovens

” Digitheat-TFT”

Universal precision ovens ” Digitronic -TFT”

Universal precision ovens ” Dry-Big”

High temperature oven ” High temp”

Vacuum drying oven “Vaciotem -T”

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